Brass putters

Brass putters

My brass putters are not made in faraway lands, they are not Cast or Mass produced, nor are they made by modern CNC technology.   

They are all Originals and are Handmade with precission exclusively by me at my workshop in Jar, Norway.

It takes an average of 8 hours to make each putter.

Logo putter

jarc1heel copy    jarc1top copy   

Initial putter

k     susi  

Jar Classic putter

jarc2heel copy     jarc2top copy  

St George putter

englandputterheel    englandputtertoe   englandputterface

Jar Classic Norgesputter

norgesputterheel   norgesputterface  

Saxon putter

saxon-heel    saxon-top    saxon1back  
saxon1base   saxon1face   saxon1heel    

Senta putter

 sentaclassic copy      sentaclassicface copy